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MOLECUBES: think inside the box

MOLECUBES is a Ghent University spin-off that designs, develops and produces high-tech preclinical imaging scanners in-house. The entire product development trajectory can be labeled "Made in Flanders". With best in class universities and research institutions combined with agile SME's in hardware-design, mechanics and rapid prototyping as well as assembly and production we were able to bring throughly innovative platforms with potential spill-over in clinical imaging. In this talk MOLECUBES' past journey and future directions will be presented

Ewout Vansteenkiste, Co-Founder - Molecubes

Pig respiratory distress monitor: from sound to early disease warning

For economical reasons, the number of animals per farm(er) has increased drastically over the last decades and will continue to rise further in the future. Due to this trend, it has become impossible for farmers and veterinarians to observe large herds on a frequent basis. However, fast detection and identification of infections remains extremely important for the economic result of the growth cycle, animal welfare and reduction of the overall use of antibiotics. These challenges are the drive behind the continuous growth of the precision livestock farming sector where advanced technologies are used to optimize the contribution of each animal. SoundTalks offers easy to use, automated monitoring tools to assist the farmer and the veterinarian in their daily decisions in the management process. This presentation will address the need for precision livestock farming and present SoundTalks’ showpiece product: the pig respiratory distress package which integrates SOMO (Sound Monitor) hardware and respiratory distress monitoring software to deliver early disease warning to the farmer.

André Stoffel, Head of Research - Soundtalks

IoT and the triple aim of healthcare

IoT creates new opportunities. The presentation will sketch the value of IoT in solving the triple of healthcare - lower cost, better care and better health.

Geert Claeys, Technology Manager - Agfa Healthcare

Solving the blind spot in adherence

An introduction to smart packaging solutions in a the pharmaceutical industry, their value proposition, key insights from stakeholders and  considerations for technology providers to develop & deploy smart solutions.

Erwin Roovers, Supply Chain strategy Director - Janssen Pharma

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