PHD Track


11hr40: Welcome and introduction by AnSem, track sponsor


11hr50: Epileptic seizure detection at home: a multimodal and patient specific approach - Kaat Vandecasteele, KULeuven


11hr58: Diagnosing neurological diseases by fusing multimodal functional brain data - Simon Van Eyndhoven, KULeuven


12hr06: Multimodal analysis for unobtrusive characterization of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) - Margot Deviaene, KULeuven


12hr14: Ubiquitous six-degrees of freedom head pose estimation providing human-computer interaction for people with limited hand usage - Edwin Walsh, UAntwerpen


12hr22: Undiagnosed patients can be ill: Do not let this ruin your model! - Jessa Bekker, KULeuven


12hr30: ASSIST: Assistive Speech Interface for Smart Technologies - Vincent Renkens, KULeuven


12hr38: Automatic motion detection with Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras - Gianni Allebosch, Universiteit Gent


12hr46: Exploiting scene constraints to improve object detection algorithms for industrial applications - Steven Puttemans, KULeuven

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